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Carb-I-Tool Router Bits have a reputation for excellence and meet the highest standards.
Router Bits are either carbide tipped or Solid Carbide.
Growing range of diamond-grit and diamond-tipped router bits
We also provide a limited range of high-speed steel cutters.

Router Bits | Getting the most

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist woodworker, proper use and maintenance of your router bits will extend their life and greatly improve the cleanness and overall quality of the cut.

Please ensure you follow the tips below to ensure your tooling and workmanship are not compromised.

Keep it clean

Keeping your tooling clean will hugely prolong its life. Use denatured alcohol or WD40 to remove built-up residue, and rub on a little machine oil to prevent rust and discolouration. You should also clean the shank with steel wool to ensure it has the best grip within the collet.

Note: If your router bit has ball bearings, never use solvents when cleaning, as this will strip them of their grease and ruin the bit. Use an air gun instead.

Keep it sharp

Carbide bits should be kept sharp at all times. Doing so will ensure a cleaner cut, less strain on your router, and a longer life for the bit itself.

Note: Do not attempt to sharpen your own tooling. Take it to a professional – DIY sharpening with files or whetstones will disrupt the bit’s balance, compromise its precision, and ultimately damage your router. Peacock Saws sharpening service >

Use the right bit for the right task

Router bit manufacturers don’t tell you to use certain types of bits just so you have to go out and buy them. There is a right way and a wrong way to do each job! For example, using carbide cutting tools on ferrous metals or using bits that are too big will damage them, your router and your project, so it’s in your best interest to use the appropriate cutting tool for the job, every time.

Note: Do not use router tooling in your drill press. A drill press spins far too slowly for router bits. You should also adjust the speed of your router when changing bit sizes.

Store everything properly

Incorrect storage of your router bits will shorten their life just as much as incorrect use of them. Having all your bits rattling around in the bottom of a toolbox will dull the blades, encourage corrosion, and you’ll probably end up buying more than one of the same thing by mistake. Use a dedicated wood or plastic holder to keep the bits away from each other and neatly arranged.

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