Circular Saw Blades

Available Brands

Available Brands

 IVA Saw – Made to Peacock Saws’ very own specifications for the highest precision and durability. Manufactured under licence in China.

Klein - High quality saw blades made in Italy. With 40 years of experience Klein is synonymous with high quality tools due to the continued investment in the latest technology and training.

Freud - Precision high tech saw blades made in Italy.

Opteco - Australian made saw blades.

Sizes 85mm to 700mm – Other types and sizes available upon request

Ideal for

Plastic | Timber 

Aluminium and other non-ferrous metals

Steel | MDF | Rubber

Caring for your circular saw blade

Taking the time to maintain your saw blade will work wonders for its longevity and cutting performance,
and ultimately for your own safety.

Cleaning the blade

Regular cleaning will greatly extend the life of your circular saw blade. Over time, pitch and other wood by-products build up on the saw teeth, causing greater friction and higher heat when cutting, which speeds up degradation of the blade. Soak the blade in a cleaning agent or kerosene and scrub it with a plastic brush. Never use water. Take extra care if your blade is coated.

Note: Never use abrasive materials to clean or scrape the blade, as even the slightest change in the balance or integrity of the teeth can cause horrific accidents. For smoother operation, also try a light spray of WD-40 on the teeth before cutting.

Know when to sharpen

While regular cleaning will keep the blade performing at its peak for longer, sharpening will sometimes be necessary. Look out for these telltale signs that your blade is getting dull:
Tearing/chipping out
Slower feed speed and/or burning

Note: Never sharpen your own blades. Take it to a professional. Even the slightest inconsistency can throw the blade out of balance, which could mean a nasty accident or worse. Peacock Saws sharpening service >

If in doubt, turn it off

Racing to get things done is the primary cause of many accidents. If you hit a hard knot, nail or screw, turn the saw off immediately. The blade might seem like it makes quick work of the odd screw, but every time it hits one, damage occurs – and a damaged blade is an unsafe one.

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