Bandsaw Blades

Available Brands

Available Brands
Starrett – Leaders since 1880, manufactured in the UK, USA and Brazil
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Dakin-Flathers – High-strength British blades, with over 115 years of heritage
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Röntgen – Ultra-tough German blades, since 1899
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Ideal for

Metal | Timber | Meat
Fish | Rubber

Sizes 1/8” to 2” – Depending on width, teeth range from 1.1 TPI to 32 TPI.

All blades are cut and joined in our workshop, so any size/configuration is possible!

Bandsaw blades | Get the best performance

Even experienced carpenters sometimes find themselves stumped by a poor-performing bandsaw blade. The symptoms usually include slow feed speed, fast blunting, and inaccurate cutting. Fortunately, these symptoms are generally easy to fix once you identify what’s wrong.

Go for quality above all else

Cheap and cheerful blades might seem a good idea at first, but for the amount of problems they can cause, it’s best to steer clear and pay a little more for reliability and quality. Cheaper, less precise blades often only cut with the longest, most protruding teeth, which means they get blunt quicker and end up sending the blade off course due to friction and bouncing around. This also causes the blade to overstretch, not to mention the stress being put on the machine, so to avoid costly errors and damage, always go for quality before price.

Break in and tension the blades properly

Your blades will stretch themselves, but the more care you take in the initial stage, the longer your blades will last and the better your bandsaw will perform. Tensioning and breaking in allows your blade to level out, balancing the forces within while ensuring a straight cut that doesn’t deviate.

If in doubt, turn it off

Your blades will eventually get dull, no matter how carefully you maintain them. As soon as you notice the feed speed getting slower or your sawdust looking burnt, stop the machine and replace the blade. Using a blunt bandsaw blade will quickly damage it beyond the point of repair, so try not to take the “she’ll be right” approach! Peacock Saws sharpening service >

Keep your blades clean

Keeping your blades clean goes hand in hand with keeping them sharp. The more residue that builds up on the blades, the worse it is for them. Pitch and resin create friction and trap heat, which means burnt wood, dull blades and possible breakage.

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