XDP705 Food Grade Lubricating Oil Spray
November 20, 2023
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XDP2000 Semi Synthetic Coolant



Part Number L-XDP2000-1

This 1 litre pack is an easy and convent mix with a 20 litre drum.

XDP2000 is a semi synthetic cutting fluid with high stability, designed for excellent surface finish on ferrous metals, aluminium. Once diluted with ater it disperses in nano globules avoiding coalescence, depositions and other imperfections of the classic emulsions. XDP contains no secondary amines, nitrites, halogenated dervatives or any other substance that may adversly affect both health and the environment.


Excellent sump life

Greater cooling power

Lower drag out

High power corrosion inhibitor

Increased resistance to foreign oils

Rejection of hydraulic and tramp oil